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Empowering Mum’s: Starting a Business and Nurturing Your Family

Being a mum is a full-time job in itself, and for many of us, it's the most rewarding one. But what if you could combine the joy of motherhood with the excitement of starting your own business? Imagine being there for your children's milestones while pursuing your passion and making a living. It's not just a dream; it's a reality for many mum's who have embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship, including myself. In this blog post, we'll explore a little about how you can start a business that allows you to stay at home with your children, offering encouragement and practical tips to help you on this incredible adventure.

I began my entrepreneurial journey in 2013 with an event planning business. This all stemmed from a passion of mine, and after returning to work after my maternity leave, and feeling sad about leaving my daughter so young. Let me be clear, there are so many mum's that have have returned to work, and have done it so well!!! I honestly give those mum's their flowers, because it's such a huge, and amazing thing. But it didn't work for me. So after having a fellow entrepreneur friend encourage me, I took the leap and started. It has not been easy, and I won't lie and say I haven't given up on myself a few times. I have started a few businesses, and failed… But today I am in a place of happiness in my entrepreneurial journey. So I am here to support others like me to help them be a happy success.

This is a blog post, so I will keep it brief. But rest assured.... There will be so much more support to follow, so be sure to follow me on

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For now, here are a few tips to get your mind going:

1. Follow Your Passion:

The first step in starting a business as a mum is to do something you're passionate about. Think about what makes your heart sing, what you could talk about for hours, and what you genuinely love doing. Whether it's crafting, baking, writing, or any other hobby, your passion can be turned into a profitable venture. When you love what you do, it won't feel like work, making it easier to balance business and family life.

2. Identify a Gap in the Market:

Successful businesses often find their niche by identifying a gap in the market. Pay close attention to your interests, hobbies, and the needs of your community. What products or services are missing that you could provide? Conduct market research, ask for feedback, and refine your business idea accordingly. Finding a niche will set you apart and attract customers who are looking for what you uniquely offer.

3. Embrace Healthy Competition:

It's essential to remember that competition can be healthy and even beneficial. Just because someone else is doing something similar doesn't mean there isn't room for you too. In fact, competition can validate the demand for your product or service. What sets you apart is your individuality and the personal touch you bring to your business. Don't be discouraged by others in your field; instead, let them inspire you to do your best and continue growing.

4. Start Small and Grow:

As a mum, you may not have endless hours to dedicate to your business, and that's perfectly fine. Start small and focus on gradual growth. Begin with manageable goals, and as your children grow and your business becomes more established, you can scale it up. This approach allows you to adapt to the demands of motherhood while nurturing your business at your own pace.

5. Leverage Technology:

In today's digital age, technology is your ally. Utilize social media, e-commerce platforms, and other online tools to reach a wider audience without leaving your home. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Etsy can be excellent platforms for marketing your products or services, and they allow you to connect with customers and fellow mumpreneurs.


Starting a business as a mum is an exciting journey filled with possibilities. By following your passion, identifying a gap in the market, embracing healthy competition, starting small, and leveraging technology, you can create a business that enables you to stay at home with your children while doing what you love. Remember, there is room for everyone in the world of entrepreneurship. So, take that leap of faith, and let your dreams flourish while you nurture your family.

Are you ready to take the first step toward becoming a mumpreneur? Share your thoughts, ideas, and dreams in the comments below. Your story might just inspire another mum to pursue her entrepreneurial goals too!

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